Wrath of the Vaal

Session 4

Angels Die

They find themselves in the murder pit. Kaizen looks around. Kaitus helps Kaizen out. They find out there are doppelgangers in the city. They come up secret handshake.

They run out of the wagon. Crowd of people checking out the smoking poisonous wagon.

Kaitus gets Bartten. Bartten does an insight check. Go back to wagon. Guards show up. Try to stealth into the crowd.

They meet Merkuuzi, a dragonborn Bartten knows from the 5th Legion.

Merkuuzi lets them talk.

Going to look for info on where the slavers are camped.

Teach Hosbo and Garrus the handshake. – 1 shows a sum on their hands, the other shows the same sum on both hands.

Asks Markuuzi, where the bars are. The Dead Angels, and the Black Termite.

Goes into the Dead angels and Mary, halfing hits on Kaizen who sits at the bar. Mary pours Kaizen a glass of green liquid. Kaitus drinks and has another.

No dragonborn in taven. Kaizen finds out the dragonborn are the Dust Devils

Kaitus interviews male elf prostitute who tells him that the Dust Devils take their captives to the Silver Spring Oasis. He doesn’t know where that is but he knows that the mayor knows.

Kaizen and Hoso have a moment of acceptance.

Kaitus and Garrius go into Black Termite and a guy punches. Kaitus dodges and moves aside. Guy falls down stairs and passes out. Place is filled with punch holes.

Kaizen goes to murder wagon. Pisses off guards. Kaizen gets recognized. Kaizen runs. Goes to Black Termite.

Hosbo tells Kaitus what happened.

Outside in alley.

stay in Black Termite and everyone goes to bed. Steve stays up. Artist draws him. Everyone goes to bed.


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