Wrath of the Vaal

Session 3

The Khan Duran

Methuselah appeared in the Lantern. Barten puts a bolt through the face of Methuselah and it does nothing. Methuselah asks where he is.
“I remember great worry, light, and nothingness.” He is very tired and has little memory.
Meth wants to meditate with Kaizen, Kaitus helps.
They pack up and head off to Al Shadir.

They notice a small hut. Fendriel’s place. They know he had a bit part in the stories of the heroes.

Kaitus gives Hosbo money to go and get supplies.

They meet the “Mayor”.

Go to the Holy Cow Tavern,

They head to Verbana after hearing it has been attacked.

Sandstorm. Garus fucks over hosbo and leaves him in the sandstorm.

They all save sandstorm. Darude

Garrus tries to shoot a crossbow bolt with a rope attached “One degree away from the sound of Hosbo”

I told fancie why hosbo was pissed at him and he said “That sounds pretty fair.”


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